The US must NOT go to war with Iran

Trump, his National Security Advisor John Bolton and the entire State Department are pushing us into a new regime change war — this time with Iran. We must stop it.

For years, John Bolton has been calling for war with Iran. Bolton and his cohorts lied to us about the Iraq war that he championed, and which he still defends. Now we’re being lied to again, and with the evacuation of non-essential personnel from the Middle East because of growing tensions with Iran, it’s clear that Bolton and Trump are hurtling us towards war.

A war in Iran would be even more devastating than our failed regime change war in Iraq. That war has already cost the lives of thousands of American troops and Iraqis, and wasted trillions of US dollars — all while strengthening terrorist actors like ISIS. A war with Iran would be even more costly and destructive. It would also exacerbate the refugee crisis in Europe and could very possibly lead to nuclear war.

It’s time for Americans across the country and across parties to say enough is enough — no more regime change wars, no more Cold War and nuclear arms race, and no war with Iran. I cannot underscore enough how real the threat of a war with Iran is right now. And how important it is for everyone one of us to stand up to stop it.

In this critical time, stand with me in saying the United States must not go to war with Iran.