Tulsi Gabbard

Every Vote Counts

Join me in calling on the DNC to institute reforms — open primaries in every state, paper ballots, same-day registration, and more — that make Every Vote Count.

We need to fix and secure our elections

I’m asking you to join me today in working to put We, the People back in the driver’s seat of our democracy, and to join me in calling on the DNC to institute reforms that make Every Vote Count. These reforms include:

Voted Stickers

Open Primaries

Transitioning to open primaries in every state, away from our broken and egregiously expensive caucus system, and getting rid of the influence of superdelegates

Voter registration form

Same-day Registration

Allowing same-day registration so every person gets to vote, regardless of how they choose to affiliate that election cycle

A paper ballot

Paper Ballots

Instituting a paper ballot system (or voter-verified paper backup) to keep our elections secure and free of foreign influence

Ranked choice voting

Ranked-choice Voting

Introducing ranked choice voting at the national level, making sure no vote is ever wasted

Young voters

Automatic Voter Registration

Ensuring automatic voter registration for every person who turns 18 because there should be very few barriers to participating in democracy

USA Flag

Make Election Day a Federal Holiday

We should reduce all barriers to performing one of our greatest civic duties

Will you join me in leading the charge to reform the party and make sure Every Vote Counts?