BREAKING: Tulsi qualifies for November debate

Posted by TULSI2020
November 7th, 2019

BREAKING: Tulsi just qualified for the November presidential debate and as of right now we are just 8,897 unique donations away from qualifying for the December debate small dollar donor threshold. We can hit it tonight if just 5% of the people reading this right now gave $1. You in?

We wanted you to be the first to hear the news: Today’s Quinnipiac poll out of Iowa means Tulsi will be invited back on the debate stage in Atlanta in just two weeks — continuing to speak truth to power, holding the DNC and corporate media accountable to the people and representing all of us in our fight for a more perfect union.

Polls should never supplant the democratic process embodied in our primary and caucus system, but they can show trends over time and our 100% grassroots momentum is growing stronger every day — especially in the critical early states where Tulsi is on the ground, speaking directly to voters. We just closed on our strongest fundraising month to date, and as of right now we’re only 8,897 donations away from hitting the unique donor threshold required to qualify for the December debate.

We’re SO close. If just 5% of the people reading this email right now give $1 — or any amount you can spare — we can hit the December debate small dollar fundraising threshold. Will you help get Tulsi over the line and on that stage?

Tulsi’s focus since the very beginning has never been on DNC deadlines or 60 second soundbites — she’s kept her feet on the ground and her focus on serving We, The People. But momentum is important in any campaign — especially when we know we can’t rely on a fair shake for Tulsi from the establishment media — and our people powered campaign has been gaining slow but steady momentum every single month, day by day, conversation by conversation.

Tulsi is in this to win, for all of us, and that’s why it is up to all of us to make sure we do everything in our power to make sure our next Commander in Chief is seen and heard by as many Americans as possible. This means purchasing TV and digital ads so she can bypass the corporate media and speak directly to the people. Only you can make that happen by chipping in whatever you can afford.

Onwards and upwards,