Every single day

Posted by TULSI2020
November 14th, 2019

This week Tulsi joined voices around the nation in paying tribute to our veterans. Candidates blasted out their annual campaign email honoring those who served, politicians posed for photo opps with service members and then spoke of wars they themselves wrote the check to wage.

Tulsi doesn’t need a national holiday to remind her of the cost of war.

Tulsi honors our veterans EVERY single day of our campaign by standing alone in calling on both parties to stop engaging in regime change wars and to end the new Cold War and nuclear arms race.

Tulsi has dedicated her entire adult life to putting service above self. As a soldier, a veteran, a member of Congress. As the lone voice on one debate stage after another speaking politically unpopular truths to power about the reckless and wasteful foreign policies perpetuated by both parties. About the true cost of war.

We’re less than two weeks out from November’s presidential debate in Atlanta and we need to make sure Tulsi’s message of peace and a government truly of, by and for the people is louder than ever. Will you chip-in $15 or whatever you can afford right now and show Tulsi you’re up for this fight?

Tulsi has been the lone candidate bravely taking on the military industrial complex every single day since long before she announced her candidacy for President, but she’s not alone. She’s got all of us, and we’re not quieting down anytime soon. Not when we know $4 billion is still being spent in Afghanistan every month on a failed nation building strategy. Not when our President is inching us closer and closer to nuclear catastrophe. Not when both party establishments work for the American war machine.

The story of our movement is summed up in Tulsi’s Veteran's Day message of service, sacrifice, courage, love of country and the humanity that binds us all together. This is who she is, and it’s why she’s running.

Will you take a minute today to show your support and give Tulsi the loudest platform possible so she can keep raising our voices?

We can do this. Thank you.
TULSI 2020