I promise to return the Democratic party to its highest ideals

Posted by Tulsi Volunteer
November 25th, 2019

POLITICO: Democratic establishment reaches boiling point with Tulsi Gabbard

This is what it looks like to get under the establishment’s skin:

“The Hawaii congresswoman’s presence on the debate stage is becoming a headache for the party ... She has managed to secure a spot on the debate stage as more mainstream candidates like Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.) and Gov. Steve Bullock (D-Mont.) failed to meet polling and donor thresholds to participate.”

“She has views on foreign policy that are so outside the mainstream as to be a real liability to the Democratic Party,” said another Democratic senator, who requested anonymity…”

Liability to the Democratic Party? Let's not forget that a key reason Trump defeated the Democratic nominee in 2016 was because he promised to end stupid wars. He lied of course, but as long as the "mainstream" Democratic establishment continues to choose bombs and interventionism over diplomacy and peace, the Democratic people will continue to lose as will our country.

My personal commitment to you and all Americans is this: As your president and commander in chief I will make it my sole mission to usher in a 21st century of peace, human dignity and true equality.

“She sort of seems to be filling a pretty strange lane. Is there a part of the party that hates the party?” said Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)

The lane I occupy is straightforward: I love, and am running on, the principles of freedom, equality, justice and democracy that the Democratic Party has traditionally stood for. What angers me — as a life-long Democrat who believes in the highest ideals of the Democratic Party — is that powerful self-serving politicians who couldn’t care less about our country or our party have been using the party for their personal political power, rather than the interests of our country or of rank and file Democrats. That’s why I promise to return the Democratic party to its highest ideals: A party that protects our precious environment, gives voice to the voiceless and stands for peace, true national security and an end to regime change wars, the new Cold War and nuclear arms race. A party that protects our working men and women and looks out for our families and communities — not the powerful, corrupt elite and corporate warmongers.

Does this sound like the future you want? Help me make it happen, Daryl Simons. Big, necessary change requires courage, boldness and strength. Together, we have everything we need to lead our country into a new era of peace, dignity and equality for all — but I need your help to keep me in this race, fighting for you. Will you chip-in $25 now?

I love our country. And this love gives me the courage to speak with whoever I need to, in order to achieve peace and national security. This love gives me the courage to demand better from my Party, and better for the people. It inspires me to respect and seek to reach every voter in this country regardless of what channel they choose to get their news from.

It is to uphold these core American democratic values that I became a soldier. And it is for the love of my country, my party, and all of the American people that I am running for president.

Will you join me? We are up against the most powerful political machine in the history of this country. We need your help to bypass the corporate media and get our message directly to the people through digital ad buys, traveling to meet with voters one-on-one and investing in on-the-ground organizing.

I’m so thankful to have you by my side — we’ve got work to do.