Please join me in ushering in a new century of peace and prosperity, where we all have clean air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat; where all are treated equally and have respect for each other regardless of our race, nationality, how we worship or who we love; a century that will fulfill the promise of America, of freedom, justice, equality and opportunity for all.

Are you or a member of your family disillusioned by how you are being treated by this administration?

Are you a veteran struggling to pay bills, afford healthcare or afford a good standard of living?

Are you serving and worried about leaders who send you into wasteful and unnecessary wars?

It is our nation’s responsibility to ensure that our veterans receive the care, services, and benefits they’ve earned and deserve. Taking care of our brothers and sisters in uniform who have selflessly served our country must be a priority for Congress and our country. To honor our veterans, military service members, and their families for their service to our great country, it is my personal commitment to never send our troops into harms’ way unless absolutely necessary.

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Do you believe that you have a right to privacy?

Are you worried that our constitutional freedoms are slowly being chipped away?

I’m concerned that our civil liberties are under attack. Our right to privacy, guaranteed by the 4th Amendment, is threatened by overreaching intelligence agencies and big tech monopolies that falsely invoke national security interests to take away our civil liberties. Our right to free speech is jeopardized by the ever-increasing power of mainstream media corporations.

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Do you agree there is one law for the wealthy and another for the poor in America?

Does the fact we reward millionaires and billionaires who steal and cheat taxes make you furious?

Me too. Our criminal justice system is not just and allows wealthy crooks to profiteer whilst poor criminal go to jail. This can no longer stand and I will ensure fairness and the same rule of law for all, so we have a criminal justice system that finally works the same for everyone.

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Do you feel like there is one rule for the very wealthy and one rule for you?

Do you feel like you suffered the consequences of the 2008 crash, but the culprits, the banking industry didn’t?

Do you feel like the banking industry has too much political influence?

I agree. Millions of Americans have struggled since the 2008 Recession, but Wall Street hasn’t. The banks that were too big to fail then are even bigger today. The people who lost their homes, jobs and life savings were not bailed out like the banks were.

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Do you feel that it’s getting harder to get a decent education unless you pay for it?

Are you worried about the state of our schools for both teachers and the students?

I worry about those things too. We need to make sure we are investing in the future of all of our children. In order to invest in our future, we have to provide adequate resources and meaningful accountability to ensure that all our students have equal access to quality education.

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Are you concerned about gerrymandering and institutional attempts to dismantle democracy?

Do you feel worried about foreign governments interfering in our elections – even as the current administration denies this is happening?

As your president, I will make it a priority to guarantee a government of, by, and for the people by strengthening campaign finance laws, protecting voting rights for every American, and ensuring our elections are protected against all forms of interference. My Securing America’s Elections Act ensures either a paper ballot or voter-verified paper backup, so no foreign countries or individuals can skew results. If we lose faith in our elections, democracy crumbles.

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Tulsi's Motive: To Save the People and Planet from Annihilation

I love this country and would do anything to protect the American people.

Are you alarmed by the damage being done to the planet by this administration?

Are you worried the interests of the fossil fuel industry being placed above the interests of our people and our planet?

We can and must begin to build a renewable energy economy. By redirecting the billions spent every year subsidizing the fossil fuel industry to instead invest in the industries of the future — expanding wind, solar, and geothermal — we will guarantee a cleaner, safer energy future and create high-quality jobs.

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Are you worried that your children and grand-children might not have a safe, clean planet to grow up on? Do you think the current administration’s attitude toward environmental issues will result in cleaner water, air, and land?

I believe that “green” issues should be a priority for any government. I recognize the need to work with other countries, such as India and China, to reach long-term goals.

“Environmentalism” is not a policy choice but, rather, a central value that we share. Central to our rights as Americans - to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - is having clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and safe food to eat. These essential elements are core to the existence of every human being, and it is my personal commitment to fight to protect and improve them.

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Do you think lobbyists and big money should be ejected from politics?

Are you tired of candidates who allow big money to shape their political decisions that affect you?

I agree this needs to end. The corrupting power and influence of big money special interests drives the agenda in Washington DC and is a direct threat to our democracy. As president, I will work fiercely to get corporate money and lobbyists out of politics and put you back in control of your government. We’ve got to close the legal loopholes that give special interests so much influence and take away your voice.

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Do you worry every time your child goes to school that they might fall victim to a mass shooting?

Do you believe it’s important to uphold the second amendment but want sensible precautions to be sure those seeking to do harm to others can’t acquire a firearm to do so?

I will uphold our constitutional right to bear arms while also upholding our responsibility to keep our children and communities safe.

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Are you worried about the rising costs of healthcare? Do you depend on medication that has become increasingly unaffordable? Are you stuck with high premiums and deductibles and a policy that doesn’t cover everything you need? Or are you basically happy with your health insurance plan and worried that you will lose it under a new administration?

I will make healthcare a priority. I support a single-payer system where everyone contributes and is covered, and that will also allow individuals to access private insurance if they choose.

If we truly want to reform our healthcare system, we cannot give big insurance and big pharma a seat at the table to draft legislation. Unlike so many of my colleagues in Congress, I will not bow to the pressure of lobbyists and special interest groups and will instead stand up for the interests of the American people.

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Does the very real possibility of Roe v Wade being overturned terrify you?

Are you sick of women’s bodies being used as pawns so politicians can score cheap political points at the expense of their freedom and safety?

I say yes to those questions, and am wholly committed to abortion remaining safe, legal and rare. We must commit to defending a woman’s right to choose. I also support sensible codifying of Roe v Wade preventing third-trimester abortion except when there are grave or life-threatening health consequences for the mother.

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To respect you — that is my personal commitment

It is my personal commitment to you that I will always treat you, and all my fellow Americans, with respect. Everyone deserves respect no matter their race, religion, or political views or affiliation.

Does the sky-rocketing rate of hate crimes alarm you?

Do you feel like the color of your skin, sexual orientation or religion holds you back in modern America?

We must work side-by-side to stand up to bigotry, hatred, and violence against others because of their race, religion, or sexual orientation. We must continue to fight for genuine equality and restore human dignity for all Americans.

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Do you believe in fair, merit based immigration system?

Do you know someone who has been an outstanding member of society that has been deported?

Are you caught in uncertainty of having been caught our nation’s broken immigration system have been fighting to adjust your immigration status, but not able to?

Despite the obstacles ― and, trust me, there are plenty ― I was able to graduate from high school, undergrad and graduate school. But those were different times.

On immigration, I will not accept the false choice between compassion and security that is currently being offered to us. It will be my policy to balance border security, have an asylum process that reflects our values as a nation of immigrants, and include a path to legal status for DREAMers.

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Have you or someone you loved gone to jail or gotten a criminal record for marijuana?

Do you believe addicts should be rehabilitated rather than punished?

The failed war on drugs is an attack on our values of freedom and fairness as Americans. In recent years, many states have taken initiative by legalizing marijuana, reforming drug laws and sentencing guidelines, and winding down the “War on Drugs.” Now it’s time for the federal government to do the same.

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There is evidence that both the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad as well as the armed opposition groups aligned against him have used chemical weapons (CW) during the Syrian war. 

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I'll speak to every American

I go on Tucker Carlson, I go on Bret Baier, I go on Sean Hannity, I go on MSNBC, I go on CNN—I am here to speak to every single American in this country about the unifying leadership that I want to bring as president, not just speak to those who agree with me.

Are you sick of seeing your hard-earned tax dollars being wasted on wars that have nothing to do with us?

Are you tired of the needs of people overseas are being prioritized when so many people in America are badly in need?

I agree Americans are not being prioritized. I therefore pledge to be your voice in Washington. I will put an end to the failed policy of being the world’s police and nation builder, redirecting the trillions of dollars wasted on wasteful wars and weapons. I will ensure these funds will be redirected back to us at home and spent on building a cleaner, safer, healthier America.

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Do you worry about your social security benefits being cut as our nation’s budget deficits grow?

Or do you worry that you will have to work full-time until you reach 75 or 80 because those benefits are not available until well past a normal retirement age?

We must be able to rely on Social Security, which, for generations, has provided economic security and lifted millions of Americans out of poverty. I will ensure that the program remains solvent without reducing benefits for those who rely on it.

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Do you feel like the trillions spent on wasteful wars would be better spent at home?

Would you like your government to prioritize American people’s needs?

I do too. Regime change wars are wasteful and have drained our country of trillions of dollars, undermined our national security, and cost the lives of thousands of our men and women in uniform. I will bring an end to this failed foreign policy and withdraw America from ongoing conflict that achieves nothing and wastes so much.

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Does growing tension around the world make you worry about the safety of our country?

Do you believe the other Democratic candidates are leading us down a dangerous path and creating enemies instead of allies?

Short-sighted, self-serving leaders in the grip of the military industrial complex have brought us into a new Cold War and nuclear arms race with Russia and China, threatening the future of the planet and the entire human race. On day one of my presidency, I will call a summit between the United States, China, and Russia to work to end this new Cold War, stop the arms race, reduce tensions, and increase cooperation going forward.

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