Tulsi Gabbard Shines in Breakthrough Performance at NBC’s Democratic Debate

June 27th, 2019

MIAMI, FL — Tulsi Gabbard, Hawaii Congresswoman and presidential candidate, performance was described as “the most composed and authentic” by Meagan McCain, as she stayed focused on her message of preventing a war with Iran and ending the war in Afghanistan at last’s night Democratic Debate. She has been trending online throughout the country ever since with her name surging to the very top of Google’s top searched candidate list for night one.

She was asked if she would rejoin the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, and she answered yes while stressing the dire consequences of war.

"War with Iran would be worse than war with Iraq," said Gabbard, an Iraq War veteran and first female combat veteran to run for president. "Donald Trump and his chickenhawk cabinet—Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and others—are creating a situation where a spark would light a war with Iran. Trump needs to get back into the Iran deal, swallow his pride, and put America first."

The Drudge Report's instant poll showed Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) as the biggest winner of the first night of the Democratic presidential debates, with nearly 40 percent of the vote and more than 70,000 voters.

According to VOX News, “Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who served in the Iraq War, sparred with Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan over foreign policy — and eventually won the upper hand when she corrected Ryan for saying the Taliban, not al-Qaeda, was behind the 9/11 attacks.

These are the moments that caused search traffic for these candidates to skyrocket.”

To learn more about or to join Tulsi’s campaign to end regime change wars and bring peace and prosperity back to the United States of America, please follow her Twitter page and visit her website.