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Protect Our Planet With Clean Energy & Create Jobs

Watch: Invest Big Oil Handouts into Renewable Energy

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  • Unless we protect our water, there is no economy, there are no jobs, there is no life - it's as simple as that. (Link)
  • “Whether we like it or not, our fates as human beings in this world are tied together. And the issues that we face - pollution of our air, our waters, oceans, the climate crisis that's before us - these are all issues that require us to sit down, to talk, and to work together. Whether it be with friends or with people who are adversaries or potential adversaries. If we in the United States do all that we can right now to address climate change, it will still not be enough. We cannot solve these problems alone. We have to work together. We have to work together to make sure that our kids today and for generations to come can not only survive, but thrive, and prosper, without fear of toxic and poisonous water, or polluted air, or not enough food to eat.” (Quote)
  • “As president, I’ll tackle climate change by ending subsidies to big fossil fuel and agribusiness corporations, ban offshore drilling, harness innovation to create jobs in renewable energy, provide better opportunities for our farmers, and ensure every American has clean air and water.” (Link)
  • “We need to invest in 100% renewable and safe energy sources like wind, solar, and geothermal. I also support a ban on fracking, ending the $26 billion/year in fossil fuel subsidies, as well as all subsidies or waivers to the nuclear power industry, which should itself be completely responsible for paying for its own insurance and paying the long term cost for safe storage of nuclear waste over centuries. I will also work to provide other incentives for a renewable energy economy.” (Link)

Watch: I’ll Usher in a 21st Century Green Economy

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  • H.R. 3671 OFF Fossil Fuels Act
  • H.R. 3380 Pesticide Protection Act to ban chlorpyrifos-- a harmful pesticide that has been linked to damaging and often irreversible health outcomes in workers, pregnant women, and children
  • H.R.5609 — Water Affordability, Transparency, Equity, and Reliability Act of 2018
  • H.R. 8 Water Development Resources Act to help the people of Flint, MI with their water crisis, also providing $199 million for Hawai’s Ala Wai watershed

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