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Why Does America Need Tulsi?

Tulsi brings real-world experience, strength and a vision for America. She is the first female combat veteran to ever run for president. Tulsi’s military experience has given her first-hand insight into the challenges with wasteful wars. Her primary mission is to end wars abroad and bring back the much-needed resources to build a cleaner, healthier and safer America.

Tulsi will stand against those in both parties who drag us from one war to the next in search of political gain. What else could we do with the four billion dollars per month that we are spending in Afghanistan?

As a nation, we must decide whether we want to be the world’s police, toppling one foreign dictator after another, or focus on our own country, empowering our own people. We cannot afford to do both. We must ask ourselves: What is our mission? We are no closer now to a so-called “victory” in Afghanistan than we were 19 years and one trillion dollars ago. Tulsi will honor our troops by only sending them on missions that are worthy of their sacrifice.

Tulsi believes in service above self, and one question guides her decision-making process: What is in the best interest of the American people? She will always prioritize security, liberty, opportunity, family, health, and harmony. Tulsi understands the values that Americans hold dear, and she will not sell them out to the special interests that have dominated our national politics for far too long.

Tulsi Gabbard will stand up for America and every American.


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Tulsi Gabbard On The Issues:

Tulsi at a farmers market

Serving the American People at Home

Are you tired of seeing your hard-earned tax dollars spent on wars that have nothing to do with you and that do not make you safer or more prosperous? Would you prefer to see your tax dollars at work in your community, improving schools, roads, bridges, and services?

What did you think about the news of a multi-million-dollar gas station being constructed in the middle of an Afghan desert at American taxpayers’ expense?

We simply cannot justify excessive spending overseas on such projects when America is not meeting its own infrastructure needs. I will serve as your voice in Washington and will redirect billions of dollars toward building a cleaner, safer, healthier America.

U.S. Constitution

Civil Liberties & Protection

Do you believe that you have a right to privacy?

Are you worried that our constitutional freedoms are slowly being chipped away?

I’m concerned that our civil liberties are under attack. Our right to privacy, guaranteed by the 4th Amendment, is threatened by overreaching intelligence agencies and big tech monopolies that falsely invoke national security interests to take away our civil liberties. Our right to free speech is jeopardized by the ever-increasing power of mainstream media corporations.

Capitol in Washington DC


Are you concerned about gerrymandering and institutional attempts to dismantle democracy?

Do you feel worried about foreign governments interfering in our elections – even as the current administration denies this is happening?

As your president, I will make it a priority to guarantee a government of, by, and for the people by strengthening campaign finance laws, protecting voting rights for every American, and ensuring our elections are protected against all forms of interference. My Securing America’s Elections Act ensures either a paper ballot or voter-verified paper backup, so no foreign countries or individuals can skew results. If we lose faith in our elections, democracy crumbles.

Photo of a sunrise on a wind farm

Environment & Green Economy

Are you alarmed by the damage being done to the planet by this administration?

Are the interests of the fossil fuel industry being placed above the interests of the planet?

I agree. We can and must begin to build a 100% renewable energy economy. By redirecting the billions spent every year subsidizing the fossil fuel industry to instead invest in the industries of the future — expanding wind, solar, and geothermal — we will guarantee a cleaner, safer energy future and create high-quality jobs.


Tulsi Gabbard at Standing Rock

Environment & Protection

Are you worried that your children and grand-children might not have a safe, clean planet to grow up on? Do you think the current administration’s attitude toward environmental issues will result in cleaner water, air, and land?

I believe that “green” issues should be a priority for any government. I recognize the need to work with other countries, such as India and China, to reach long-term goals.

“Environmentalism” is not a policy choice but, rather, a central value that we share. Central to our rights as Americans - to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - is having clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and safe food to eat. These essential elements are core to the existence of every human being, and it is my personal commitment to fight to protect and improve them.

Photo of happy friends

Healthcare for all

Are you worried about the rising costs of healthcare? Do you depend on medication that has become increasingly unaffordable? Are you stuck with high premiums and deductibles and a policy that doesn’t cover everything you need? Or are you basically happy with your health insurance plan and worried that you will lose it under a new administration?

I will make healthcare a priority. I support a single-payer system where everyone contributes and is covered, and that will also allow individuals to access private insurance if they choose. If we truly want to reform our healthcare system, we cannot give big insurance and big pharma a seat at the table to draft legislation. Unlike so many of my colleagues in Congress, I will not bow to the pressure of lobbyists and special interest groups and will instead stand up for the interests of the American people.

A photo of Tulsi Gabbard with a supporter

Social Security & Seniors

Do you worry about your social security benefits being cut as our nation’s budget deficits grow?

Or do you worry that you will have to work full-time until you reach 75 or 80 because those benefits are not available until well past a normal retirement age?

We must be able to rely on Social Security, which, for generations, has provided economic security and lifted millions of Americans out of poverty. I will ensure that the program remains solvent without reducing benefits for those who rely on it.

Photo of weapons stockpile

War, Diplomacy, & International Trade

Do growing tensions around the world make you worry about the safety of our country?

Other Democratic candidates are following the same path that has cost us far too many lives and far too much money already. Their lack of foreign policy experience would lead them to rely on the foreign policy establishment, making our country less safe.

With over 16 years of public service and military experience, including two deployments to the Middle East, I am ready to be Commander in Chief on Day One. Serving on the House Committee on Armed Services, the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, the Subcommittee on Readiness, and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, I understand strategic decision-making and know how to stand up to the military leaders in Washington.

Photo of American flags

War & Waste

Do you feel like the trillions spent on wasteful wars would be better spent at home?

Would you like your government to prioritize American people’s needs?

I do too. Regime change wars are wasteful and have drained our country of trillions of dollars, undermined our national security, and cost the lives of thousands of our men and women in uniform. I will bring an end to this failed foreign policy and withdraw America from ongoing conflict that achieves nothing and wastes so much.

Tulsi Gabbard with a fellow veteran

Caring for Our Veterans

Are you or a member of your family disappointed in the services that you receive from the V.A.?

Are you a veteran struggling just to create a reasonable standard of living for yourself or your family?

Are you serving and worried about leaders who will send you into wasteful and unnecessary wars?

I will ensure that our veterans receive the care, services, and benefits they’ve earned and deserve. Taking care of our brothers and sisters in uniform, who have selflessly served our country, must be a priority for Congress. To honor our veterans, military service members, and their families for their service, I pledge never to send our troops into harms’ way unless absolutely necessary for the security of our nation.

Tulsi Gabbard with some supporters
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Please join me in ushering in a new century of peace and prosperity, where we all have clean air to breathe, water to drink, and food to eat; where all are treated equally and have respect for each other regardless of our race, nationality, how we worship or who we love; a century that will fulfill the promise of America, of freedom, justice, equality and opportunity for all.


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