Immigration Reform

Do you believe in fair, merit based immigration system?

Do you know someone who has been an outstanding member of society that has been deported?

Are you caught in uncertainty of having been caught our nation’s broken immigration system have been fighting to adjust your immigration status, but not able to?

Despite the obstacles ― and, trust me, there are plenty ― I was able to graduate from high school, undergrad and graduate school. But those were different times.

On immigration, I will not accept the false choice between compassion and security that is currently being offered to us. It will be my policy to balance border security, have an asylum process that reflects our values as a nation of immigrants, and include a path to legal status for DREAMers.

Tulsi's record


  • “We need comprehensive immigration reform to address our broken immigration laws and we need to have a serious conversation about the most effective and humane ways to compassionately secure our borders while building bridges and cooperative foreign policy with other countries. We need to ensure we have a clear, enforceable, accessible, and humane pathway to citizenship. Most urgently, we must pass DACA to ensure children who know no other home are allowed to remain in the US and take steps to ensure children are not separated from their parents. We must fund and equip agencies in charge of processing asylum claim and protect migrants, many of whom are women and children, who are going through our asylum process and fleeing natural disasters, religious persecution, or violence under an asylum status.”


  • H.R.  3440 DREAM Act
  • H.R. 532 Dreamer Information Protection Act, which prohibits using DACA hearings for deportation
  • H.R. 496 Bridge Act, which codifies the DACA program
  • H.R. 392: Tulsi co-sponsored the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act, which would remove the existing per-country cap on employment-based green cards and ensure all immigrants are treated equally regardless of their country of origin.

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