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Social Security & Seniors

Do you worry about your social security benefits being cut as our nation’s budget deficits grow?

Or do you worry that you will have to work full-time until you reach 75 or 80 because those benefits are not available until well past a normal retirement age?

We must be able to rely on Social Security, which, for generations, has provided economic security and lifted millions of Americans out of poverty. I will ensure that the program remains solvent without reducing benefits for those who rely on it.

Tulsi's record:


  • “We need to protect Medicare and Social Security. We should always care for our kupuna and those who are unable to care for themselves; this is who we are. Many in Congress want to keep tax breaks for the wealthy and other "entitlements" and instead cut costs by sacrificing Medicare and Social Security in order to get our budget under control. Sacrificing Medicare and Social Security is not acceptable and I will stand up against such efforts.” (Link)
  • “We need to reinvest in and expand our two major Social Security programs, Old-Age, Survivors, Insurance (OASI) and Disability Insurance (DI). Primarily, my administration will ensure Social Security's solvency by taking the trillions of tax dollars now spent on military spending and tax giveaways to the wealthiest American families and corporations and reinvesting them in these two Social Security programs.” (AFSCME questionnaire)

AARP Voter Guide: Tulsi Gabbard

We asked 17 Democratic presidential candidates the same four questions on Medicare, Social Security, drug prices and aging in place. Take a look at their answers as we gear up for Election 2020.


  • H.R.860 — Social Security 2100 Act to protect our Social Security system and improve benefits for current and future generations.
  • H.Res.968 — Providing for consideration of the bill (H.R. 1902) to protect our Social Security system and improve benefits for current and future generations.
  • H.R.3779 — Social Security Fraud Prevention Act of 2016 to prohibit federal departments and agencies from including the Social Security account number of any individual on any document sent by mail unless the department or agency head determines that inclusion of that Social Security number on the document is necessary.

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